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Entry System Installation

Professional Automatic Entry System Installation in SoCal

Entry System Installation help give residential and commercial properties an added level of security and convenience, therefore adding an electronic system to your property is a smart idea. Capital Gate and Garage Door is proud to offer a variety of electronic and automatic systems for your gate and garage doors.

There are many benefits to adding an automated installation system to your property. They provide an extra level of safety and security for your property and allow for two-way dialogue, therefore adding more secure features to your entry gate. Each entry system comes in a portable and land mounted iterations and can be connected directly to landlines or cell phones; therefore, making setup easy and convenient. 

We are skilled entry system installers

The experts at Capital Gate & Garage Door will help you decide what type of automated entry gate system will work best for your home or business and walk you through the installation process.

If you currently have an electronic system installed and it is not functioning properly, our techs can help investigate and repair your system, making sure it is working perfectly again. 

What We Offer You

Customer Care

We care about our customers first, therefore we will do everything in our power to make your experience with us as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Electronic System
Installation Safety

A team of expert installers is trained to install and repair entry systems safely and correctly. Keeping our team and our customers safe is our number one priority.

Automatic System
Installation Guarantee

Most professional companies provide a warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee with every install and repair.  Our company is proud to offer a full guarantee that your entry system will be installed right the first time.


All door entry systems need hardware installed at the entrance (often outdoors). … Then, the tenant speaks with their visitor and opens the door for them by pressing a button. When the tenant presses the ‘door release’ button, the system sends a signal to the door’s electric or magnetic lock, which allows entry.

A video door-phone (also known as a video door entry system or video intercom) is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage communication between a visitor at the entrance to a building, such as a (residential complex or a workplace, and a resident inside of the building.

You can open a gate from your phone via telephone entry systems, IP intercoms, or gate access control systems. In all three methods, you’ll have to install a cell phone gate opener at the gated entrance. Users may also have to download a mobile app onto their cell phones.

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